ASIAN RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT (PVT) LIMITED: REGISTERED UNDER SECURITIES EXCHANGE COMMISSION OF PAKISTAN (CUI N0. 0171629) is independent organization aspired for fostering research culture in social sciences, arts, and humanities. Research avenues such as socio-cultural distinctions, linguistic domains, historical facts, anthropology, literary genres, legal nuances, and corpus tools, etc. are focus of this forum. This platform organizes lectures, webinars, seminars, and conferences incessantly. The researchers may visit the organization and share their research expertise and experiences with emerging young scholars. ASIAN RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT embodies a culture having the potential of rigorous and judicious analysis of the matters related but not limited to in the aforementioned areas of research that have an influence on national and regional education policies and research development. The organization (ARD) hosts two research journals titled as:



The organization contributes through publishing authors’ present-day high-quality research in the form of original books, monographs, and journals. Likewise, it collaborates with the research organizations, publishers, and of advanced countries through network sharing. The organization works on academic exchange programs in research and education and continually pursues the aim of broadening its spectrum, scope, and horizon. The organization aimed at developing the research culture to explore the leading and burning issues faced by the individual, group, society and organizations to offer the new knowledge about the existing issues to solve them in a tailor-made format to produce desired outcomes.

Becessitatibus quae beatae possimus ullam



Researchers and academicians invest a lot of time, money, efforts in their work from perceiving an idea on a specific research problem till reaching at the possible but convincing answers for the same. Yet, academics and researchers’ possibility put at risk dependability and appropriateness of their work proviso they miss following precise parameters and guidelines of organization before submitting their research work to the related sectors. Our specialists are accessible and available for your support in reducing the aforesaid risks to the level of elimination through painstaking scrutiny and coming up with truthful elucidations to the matters associated with the reliability, consistency, formatting, syntactical problems, error corrections, and suggestions (if mandatory) for the anticipated corrections prior to the submission of the final draft of your scholarly work to the publisher.


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